beer match !

Whew! Another good match for beer lovers (like me ) again !:) A plate full of appetizers ..grilled fish ,pork barbecue,calamares,sinuglaw and prawn crackers .
Well.. luckily for me., this is just one of the appetizer combos that i shoot 🙂 My tummy’s not big enough to eat all these 🙂
But i had a couple of beers after getting the job done . 🙂



Sinuglaw “    Marriage between “Inihaw na Liempo “(grilled pork)  and  ” Kilawing Tuna ” . (fish ceviche)   The name sinuglaw came from the cooking methods of Visayas and Mindanao  .  “sugba” to grill and “kilaw” to cook using vinegar or citric acid .This can be a main dish or an appetizer .

So much with the introduction 🙂  hmmmm.. I often order this with  beer .And because  it’s spicy .., i ended up ordering for more..(beers & sinuglaw)

This is just one of the many appetizers that you can order at Kangaroo Jack Bar & Resto. Located at Araneta  Coliseum ,just beside   the ticket booth. I hope you like it! Cheers!! 🙂

I always want to do a cocktail drink shoot .  Well …, i got a chance while having a break on a food menu project . With only 30 minutes to spare …., i rushed the bartender to make a couple of drinks .  I set up the lights , arranged the props ,etc .  Whoala!!  Hmmmm .., i believe i could have done better ..,but i’m happy with the results anyways 🙂  Here are a couple of shots i made .

And that’s what’s happening inside the resto bar where i’m shooting 🙂  Enjoy!!

i can’t wait to shoot!

Food preparation is important .Compare it to a bride ., before photos were taken.. make up ,hairstyle and accessories must be done perfectly ..then and only  can you have a good photo.And food is no different . Food stylist must see to it that the subject is ready .,applying colors ,placing ingredients,etc .

In the picture below.. the manager, who happens to love food styling is having a last minute preparation on a seafood pasta 🙂

I can’t wait to shoot ! 🙂


There’s always a first time in everything.,and this is my first time to blog ..as in first time .Look at the title of my post ..somethings wrong isn’t it ? :)..and i didn’t bother to correct it as to remind me of how “firstimish” i am 🙂 To be honest , i am lost in everything ,can’t find my way thru everything about this .Dashboard ,tags ,etc 🙂 It’s taking  me a lot of time just writing about this post .,whew!! Well ..anyways ., i remember when it is also my first time learning how to drive .,confused about the clutch ,gas pedal ,steering wheel ,etc .But that was history ,i am  now the choiced driver of my parents among theire five children 🙂

I created this blog to learn and share my experiences  about food and photography.I’ve been covering events for over a year now ., and i had a few food projects in between.I am still new about this but i am willing to learn ,and enjoy .As of now i am happy and excited .

This cake was photographed last January 19,2012 .A friend of mine ask me to take photos of her cakes and this is just one of the many that i will be doing for her.Enjoy! 🙂


red velvet cake